Photoshop -Syllabus

  1. Software Installation
  2. Types of Images
  3. Types of resolution
  4. Introduction to Photoshop
  5. Raster and Vector Graphics
  6. Overview of Workspace
  7. Color Modes
  8. Tools
    • Selection tools
      Crop & Slice tools
      Retouching Tools
      Painting tools
      Drawing Tools
      Type Tools
      Navigation tools
      Annotation Tools
      Measurement Tools
      Tools using option Bar
      Rulers, Grids and Guides
  9. Layers
    • Layer Basics
      Grouping and Link Layers
      Layer Effects and Style
      Smart Objects
      Smart Filters
      Blending Modes
  10. Masking Concepts
    • Layer Mask
      Vector Mask
      Create Clipping Mask
  11. Filters
    • Filter Basics
      Filter Effects
      Lighting Filters
      Customized Filter Effects
  12. Actions
  13. Creating Animated Gif files
  14. Designing different styles of Menu Bars
  15. Design Logos & Banners
  16. Design Buttons & Icons
  17. Design a Web Layouts