JAVA EE -Syllabus

  1. Servlets
    • Need of Server side Programming
      Comparison with CGI
      Architecture and challenges of Web Application
      Introduction to Servlets
      Servlet Life Cycle
      Developing and Deploying Servlets
      Generic Servlets
      ServletConfig, Servlet Context,
      ServletRequest, ServletResponse
      Database Operation Using Servlets
      Deploying Servlets in Apache Tomcat Server, Weblogic Server etc
      Exploring Deployment Descriptor(web.xml)
      Session Tracking & Management
      Transferring Request
      Accessing Web Context
      Passing INIT and CONTEXT Parameter
      Filtering Request and Response
      Filter Servlets
      Servlet Chaining
      Include & Forward Mechanism
      Internationalization using Servlets
      Event Listeners in Servlets
      Web Application Security
  2. Java Beans
    • Component Model Services
      Java Beans Properties
      Bean Persistence
  3. Java Server Pages
    • Basic JSP Architecture
      Life Cycle of JSP (Translation, compilation)
      JSP Tags and Expressions
      Comparison with Servlets & JSP
      Scripting Elements - Scriptlets, Declarations, Expressions
      Directive Elements. Page, include & taglib
      XML Syntax for JSP elements
      Implicit elements & JSP elements
      JSP to Servlets & Servlets to JSP
      Java Beans in JSP
      JSP Session
      Custom Tags development in JSP
      Building war file & deployment
      MVC Architecture
  4. Distributed Applications
    • Introduction to Distributes Applications
      Java Distributed Technology
      RMI overview
      RMI Architecture
      RMI Examples
      Working with Registries
      Dynamic Stub Loading & Bootstrapping
      Passing Objects in RMI
      Distributed Garbage Collection
      Java Naming and Directory Interface
      RMI over IIOP
  5. Enterprise JAVA Beans
    • Enterprise Bean overview
      Types of enterprise beans
      Advantages of enterprise beans
      The Life Cycle of Enterprise Beans
      Working with Session Beans
      Stateful vs Stateless Session Beans
      Working with Entity Beans
      BMP Vs. CMP
      EJB QL
      Transaction in EJB
      Relationships in EJB
      Message Driven Beans
      EJB 3
      Connection Pooling & Data Sources
      JPA-Java persistence API
  6. JNDI-Java Naming & Directory Interface
    • JNDI Architecture, Programming with JNDI, JNDI Security.
  7. JTS/JTA-JavaTransaction Service / Java Transaction API
    • ACID(Atomicity , Consistency, Isolation, Durability) properties
      When to use Transactions
      Distributed Transactions
      Flat Transactions
      Nested Transactions
      Chained Transactions
  8. Java Messaging Service [JMS]
    • Overview of Message Oriented Middleware
      JMS Architecture
      JMS Messaging Domains PTP & Pub/Sub Messaging
      Message Driven Beans
  9. Java Server Faces(JSF)
    • Environment Setup
      JSF - Architecture
      Life Cycle
      First Application
      Managed Beans
      Page Navigation
      Basic Tags
      Facelets Tags
      Convertor Tags
      Validation Tags
      Data Tables
      JSF - Composite Components
      JSF - Ajax
      Event Handling
      JDBC Integration
      Spring Integration
      Expression Language
  10. XML
    • Why XML?
      XML & XSL
      XML Schema
      JAXP 1.2 (Java API for XML Parsing)
  11. Java Mail API
    • Internet Mail Protocols
      Architecture of Java MailAPI
      Send and Receive Mail
      Working with Mail Attachments
      Repiy, Forward and Delete Mails
  12. AJAX
    • Synchronous & Asynchronous Communications
      AJAX Introduction
      AJAX based Web Application Architecture
      AJAX XMLHttpRequest
      AJAX Examples
  14. STRUTS
  15. SPRING
  16. ANT, Maven, JUnit, Log4J