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Course NameNormal Track(1 hour class)Fast Track(2 hours class)
C-Language60 Hours(60days)60 Hours(30days)
C with Data Structures45 Hours(45days)45 Hours(23days)
Cpp60 Hours(60days)60 Hours(30days)
Core Java120 Hours(90days)120 Hours(45days)
Advanced Java45 Hours(45days)45 Hours(23days)
Java EE150 Hours(150days)150 Hours(75days)
Struts30 Hours(30days)30 Hours(15days)
Hibernate30 Hours(30days)30 Hours(15days)
Spring30 Hours(30days)30 Hours(15days)
Android120 Hours(120days)120 Hours(60days)
Microsoft .NET 2010150 Hours(150days)150 Hours(75days)
PHP120 Hours(120days)120 Hours(60days)
HTML 5 and CSS 330 Hours(30days)30 Hours(15days)
Ajax and JQuery30 Hours(30days)30 Hours(15days)
Web Designing120 Hours(120days)120 Hours(60days)
PhotoShop45 Hours(45days)45 Hours(23days)
Oracle60 Hours(60days)60 Hours(30days)
Ms Office60 Hours(60days)60 Hours(30days)
Tally60 Hours(60days)60 Hours(30days)