Core Java-Syllabus

  1. Introduction
    • What is Language
      Types of software’s
      Types of Programming Languages
      What is translator
      Categories of programming languages
      What is top-down and bottom-up approach
      Java Platforms
  2. Introduction to Java
    • Features Of Java
  3. Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  4. Difference Between C++ and Java
  5. How to install Java
    • Java Development Kit
      Java Runtime Environment
      Java Application Programming Interface(API)or(JCL)
  6. Starting Java Program
    • Why should we write comments
      Importing packages
      Why main method is public
      Why main method is static
      Command line arguments
      Program to add two numbers
      Escape sequences
  7. Format method
    • Naming Conventions
  8. Data Types
  9. Basic Concepts of Java
    1. What is Path
      What is variable?
      What is Constant?
      What is literal?
      Operators in Java
      Accepting input from the keyword
      Scanner class
      Control statements in java
      For Each
  10. Arrays
    1. Anonymous array
      Jagged Array (or) Ragged Array
  11. Classes and Objects
    1. What is Class
      What is Object
      Access Specifiers(Modifiers)
  12. Constructors
    1. Types of Constructors
      Keyword "this"
  13. Methods in Java
    1. Instance Method
        Mutator Method
        Accessor Method
      Recursive Method
      Statis & Instance variables
      What is static method
  14. Static & Instance block
  15. Java Virtual Machine
  16. Varargs
  17. Local Variables
  18. Factory Method
  19. Inheritance
    1. Single Inheritance
      Method overloading
      Method overriding
      What is final
      Multiple Inheritance
      Hierarchical Inheritance
      Multilevel Inheritance
  20. Object Class
  21. Garbage collection
  22. Different ways of object creating
  23. Nested classes (Inner classes)
    1. Non static inner classes
      Static inner classes
      Local inner classes
      Anonymous Inner classes
  24. Abstract Classes
    1. Abstract method
      What is concrete method and class
  25. Interfaces
    1. Multiple Inheritance
      Difference between abstract class & interface
  26. Polymorphism
    1. Polymorphism with variables
      What is coercion?
      Polymorphism using methods
      what is Dynamic Polymorphism
      What is Static and Dynamic binding
  27. Types of conversion
    1. Identity conversion
      Widening Primitive Conversion
      Narrowing Primitive conversion
      Widening & Narrowing Primitive Conversion
      Widening Reference Conversion
      Narrowing reference Conversion
      Boxing conversion
      Un-boxing Conversion
      Unchecked Conversion
      Capture Conversion
      String Conversion
      Forbidden Conversion
      Valueset Conversion
  28. Strings & String Handling
  29. Strictfp
  30. Packages
    1. View of Package
      Creating of sub package
  31. Class path
    1. Ways of class path setting
      The JAR files
      Wrapper classes
  32. Exception Handling
    1. Type of Errors
      Exception handling 5 keywords
      Java build-in exceptions
      Types of Exceptions
      Using try and catch
      Multiple catch clauses
      Nested try statements
      Throw and Throws
      What is Finally Block
      User defined Exceptions
      Chained Exceptions or Nested exceptions
  33. Java 7 features
    1. Language supported for collections(postponed to java8)
      Re-throwing an exception
      Multi-catch Exceptions
      Try with resources
      Improved Type inference for Generic Instance Creation
      Underscore in numeric literals
      String in switch
      Binary Literals
  34. Multithreading
    1. Types of multitasking
      Creating of Threads
      Thread Scheduler
      Thread Life Cycle
      Thread Priorities
      Thread Synchronization
      Daemon Thread
      Thread Group
      Dead Lock
      Interrupted exception
      Inter-thread Communication
  35. Generic Types
  36. Annotations
    1. Types of annotations
      Single-value annotations
      Full annotations
      Rules defining annotation
      Jdk 5(tiger) another different types of annotations
      Simple annotations
      Meta annotations
      Custom annotations
  37. Enum Data type
  38. Collection framework
    1. What is Collection?
      Array List
      Linked List
      List & ListIterator Interface
      Difference between List and Set
      HashedSet Class
  39. Comparator and Comparable
  40. Util Package Imp Classes
    1. String Tokenizer
      Date Class, Calender Class, Gregorian Calender Class
  41. Lang Package Imp Programme
  42. Java Reflections
  43. assertions
  44. I/O streams
    1. Types of Streams
      Byte streams
      Character streams
      Object Persistence & Serialization
      Zipping and Unzipping
  45. Applets
    1. Applet Life Cycle
  46. Regular Expressions